WEYMOUTH (CBS) — The town of Weymouth spent over a million dollars to turn the old Emery Estate at King Oak Hill Park into a beautiful, hilltop park. The space also has memorials dedicated to Weymouth Police Sargent Michael Chesna and Vera Adams, who were both murdered earlier this year. Less than a week since it opened, it appears a truck has ripped up some of the grass.

“We’re disappointed that somebody either engaged in an act of vandalism or an incredible act of stupidity,” said Mayor Robert Hedlund. “We haven’t exactly determined which is the case just yet but we think we’ll be able to figure it out.”

Fortunately, the memorials and the park’s gazebo were not damaged.

If it was a prank or act of vandalism, some residents will not tolerate it.

“I don’t get what kick they get out of doing that. Why would any kid want to do that and get a laugh out of it? And all the work they put into a place like this, it’s for the town,” Weymouth resident Paul Doyle said.


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