QUINCY (CBS) — A building at Quincy College was evacuated Wednesday night after six students complained of respiratory problems. Quincy Fire Hazmat Crews told WBZ-TV that they believe the individuals may have been exposed to some kind of aerosol and they were overcome by the odor.

Two people were taken to the hospital, Quincy police said. Jaydaih O’Brien was one of them.

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“My heard started, hurting my eyes started itching, my throat got itchy, we started coughing, started feeling dizzy,” O’Brien told WBZ-TV.

Police closed Hancock Street surrounding the Presidents Place building while they investigated around 6 p.m. The street, along with the building, has since reopened.

O’Brien and five others in the student lounge had started to cough uncontrollably. “There was actually not like a real scent, it was fumes, more fume-y than scent,” she said.

The college tweeted that evening classes in the building were canceled due to building maintenance.

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“We have been through the building several times, and it doesn’t appear to be anything of any consequence right now. We are still not sure not exactly what happened,” said Acting Chief Joe Jackson, Quincy Fire. “We’re taking the date into consideration. It might not be coincidence, but we don’t know that right now.”

Firefighters responded to a building at Quincy College Wednesday night (WBZ-TV)

O’Brien added, “I am just hoping that it’s not anything too dangerous because they had to take my jacket and my bag because when I go against them my skin starts itching and stuff like that.”

The other person who was taken to the hospital stayed for observation.

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Quincy police are looking at surveillance video to figure out what went into the air.