BOSTON (CBS) – As the Red Sox make their way back to the City of Champions; fans who followed the team west, got a head start.

“We took over that place. I’ve seen tougher crowds at McCoy Stadium than Dodger Stadium. It lived up to the reputation and then some,” said Jason Dupont.

The Natick native got off the plane wearing Mookie Betts socks and a ‘Cue the Duck Boats’ tee.

Jason Dupont returns to Boston after World Series (WBZ-TV)

“Oh yeah, we’ll be ready on Wednesday to cue the Duck Boats,” said Dupont from Logan’s Terminal C.

Brent Winn made the trip from Fall River to see the Sox win it all with his son. “We were up partying pretty late last night and having to get up at 4 a.m. to catch a flight. I’m pretty wiped out. But it’s awesome, it’s well worth it,” said Winn.

The journey was also well worth the effort for Angel Pena. “I bought two yesterday for about 900 dollars for me and my dad,” said Pena.

Juan and Angel Pena (WBZ-TV)

The Dorchester duo told WBZ-TV it was an experience they’ll never forget. “It’s once in a lifetime. The community of fans behind the team and also supporting Cora. We lived that game like we played it,” said Angel’s dad Juan.

Chad Winam from Chelsea says the team set a new standard this season. “I can’t tell you how many times they made me cry when I was younger. And just to keep winning like this is really amazing,” said Winam.

Diane Horrigan says the standard wouldn’t be possible without manager Alex Cora. “He’s the right guy and we’re super happy for him you know first time manager so many firsts,” she said.

Horrigan, a Lynnfield native, traveled to Los Angeles to watch the game with her son.


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