By Liam Martin

NASHUA, NH (CBS) – A pile of glass is not what you want to see when you go out to your truck. Or a smashed window with a pumpkin perched on the passenger seat. The culprit? An unknown jerk.

“I came out to my car and this is what I came out to,” said Bridget Monteiro pointing to a smashed side view mirror.

Pumpkin smashed into car in Nashua, NH (WBZ)

She was visiting a friend in Nashua when her Chevy was hit.

“It appeared that a pumpkin did the damage because there was a pumpkin strewn around the street right next to it with all these pieces of glass and pieces from the mirror all over the ground,” she said.

Bridget Monteiro (WBZ-TV)

“Over the past few days we’ve gotten approximately 12 reports of motor vehicles being vandalized by people throwing pumpkins at them,” says Nashua Police Lt. Craig Allard. He thinks it was probably kids.

“We’re actively investigating it. We’re following up on a few leads,” he adds.

“Now I’m going to be responsible for paying for the damage to have it replaced which right now is looking at little over $500. So not happy about that,” Bridget says. She is definitely not laughing.

“If you’re looking for something fun to do, a Halloween prank that’s funny, this isn’t funny. Damaging somebody else’s property isn’t necessarily what you should be out doing,” she says.

The vandalism started over this past weekend and continued through yesterday. If the culprits are caught they could face felony charges.