By David Wade

BOSTON (CBS) – What would a Red Sox home game be without a Fenway frank? Well for Tuesday’s World Series opener, Sox fans can expect a whole lot more than that, on a special Fenway menu.

We got a sneak peek Monday, and found a bunch of delicious, new dishes are joining the classics.

Get ready to savor the Do Damage surf & turf burger, the Fenway Farms vegetable wrap, and the homemade apple galette a la mode, all new on the Fenway World Series menu.

World Series Menu At Fenway Park (WBZ-TV)

“We also have new for the World Series, a pulled pork sandwich with a little pineapple slaw on a King’s Hawaiian bun,” says Ron Abell, Aramark’s executive chef at Fenway.

If it sounds a little, well, fancy don’t despair. The Fenway classics are ready to go.

“Another benchmark here, you got the Fenway frank, not to be confused with the Dodger dog,” he says.

Ron Abell (WBZ-TV)

Italian sausage with peppers and onions is on the menu, and so is another beauty.

“If you come to Fenway Park you have to try our lobster roll,” Abell insists.

This is his third World Series. Abell is used to sold out games and hungry fans.

“Just business as usual. Full house, amped up. Our gates are opening a little bit earlier so we’ll have that many more people in. So just being prepared and doing your job,” says Abell.

Ron’s a local guy, a Sox fan all his life. He’s hoping for a Series win, and the Sox faithful with satisfied stomachs.

World Series Food (WBZ-TV)

“Most of all we want every fan to have something that they want. So plenty of variety, changing our menus all the time, seasonal, offering healthy options, our benchmark options and just new, creative options for people,” he says.

And yes, as the song goes, you can still get your peanuts and Cracker Jack.

David Wade


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