BOSTON (CBS) – President Trump said Friday he will consider sanctions against Saudi Arabia of it’s proven the government was involved in the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

One person closely following the story is James Foley’s mother. Foley, a New Hampshire native, was a freelance journalist kidnapped in Syria back in 2012. He was executed by ISIS two years later.

Now his mother is leading the charge on keeping his memory alive and keeping other journalists safe. Saturday is the Foley Freedom Run.

“Our coming together is so that we can be heard, because a lot of times today as you know journalists are targeted,” Diane Foley said. “People who dare to have a voice that is not quite mainstream are often in danger.”

The run benefits the foundation in James Foley’s name to inspire future generations, protect journalists, and return those kidnapped abroad.

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