WAKEFIELD (CBS)- The Boston Red Sox-Houston Astros playoff battle is top of mind in New England, but it’s an especially hot topic in one Wakefield home.

That’s because of twin sisters who live there. And when you hear their middle names, you’ll know why.

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“My middle name is Boston,” says one. “My middle name is Houston,” adds the second.

Nine year old twins Phoebe Boston Corcell and Felicity Houston Corcell. No kidding. It’s spelled out in black and white on their birth certificates.

“Usually when people learn that that’s our middle names, they’re like what’s the story behind it,” says Phoebe.

Phoebe Boston and Felicity Houston (WBZ-TV)

There’s definitely a story. It starts 9 years ago when the family was living in Texas, and Marybeth Savicki, a Massachusetts native, learned she was pregnant with twins.

“I was feeling extremely homesick and wanting one to have the middle name, Boston, and then thinking that was a bit of a slight to where they were born if I didn’t include Houston, so I figured one would be Boston and one would be Houston,” says Marybeth.

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Now Major League Baseball has thrown them a curve, with the ALCS series between Boston and Houston.

“I’m rooting for the Boston Red Sox,” says Phoebe.

“And I’m rooting for the Astros,” Felicity says.

“It can get a little dicey in our house when the Red Sox are playing the Astros,” says Marybeth.

“I want to see who proves the other twin wrong, because if I win, I will rub it in her face,” says Felicity. “I’ll do the same thing,” adds Phoebe.

But by the end of our visit, when we asked them who would win, even Felicity Houston softened, and answered “Boston.”

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“Even though I like Houston, I think Boston is going to win,” she says.