By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It seems likely that Republicans in Congress are poised to complete the elevation of Judge Brett Kavanugh to the Supreme Court, perhaps as soon as this weekend. Voters across the country will have a chance to render their verdict on that on November 6, and, if confirmed, Judge Kavanaugh will have ample opportunity over the coming decades to prove or disprove the validity of the concerns about him. But before any of that happens, there are a few things we know for sure.

One is that the White House displayed contempt for the seriousness and independence of the highest court when they bypassed a list of distinguished, non-political conservative jurists in favor of a judge with a long track record of political partisanship. Kavanaugh’s strident role in the Whitewater probe of the 1990s and the lingering partisan vitriol he displayed in last week’s hearing should have kept him off the short list.

Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. (Photo credit SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

We can fully expect this poor judgement to be repeated by the Democrats when they inevitably regain control of the White House and Senate down the road.

They didn’t exactly cover themselves with glory in this whole process, damaging their own credibility by latching onto dubious allegations beyond those made by Dr. Ford.

And failing grades go out to just about everyone involved in the D.C. political culture for injecting ever-increasing doses of poison into the body politic. The nasty tone and corrosive partisanship that’s been festering for years is now worse than ever, and if you think it’s about to suddenly improve, you’d better think again.

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Jon Keller

  1. Theodore Oule says:

    And, Jon, just who elected you judge and jury for Kavanaugh’s appointment.

    Have you actually read any of the opinions that Kavanaugh wrote as a member of the Circuit Court of Appeals?

    Have you actually read the three recent cases where the Supreme Court actually accepted Kavanaugh’s reasoning as their own in THEIR decisions?

    Seems to me that Kavanaugh was far more successful in prevailing in courts of law than, say the entire Ninth Circuit Course of Appeals over the same length of time that Kavanaugh was on the Circuit Court Bench.

    Perhaps if you actually started reading primary source material instead of your usual diet of left-wing rags and watching your oh-so-biased own network, you might actually end up having something useful to say.

    Sorry, you seem to want to continue to embarrass yourself with unreasoned political hackery instead of doing some actual shoe-leather journalism.

    With winter coming, you should, perhaps, turn to rewriting your snowy-day road-rage screeds so that they contain some fresh material rather than the recycled tripe that your drag out of the bottom drawer.