FOXBORO (CBS) — Another page of the record books can be dedicated to Tom Brady.

The Patriots’ quarterback made history on Thursday night, when he completed a touchdown pass to the 71st different receiver of his career.

That moment came with 9:19 left in the fourth quarter, when the quarterback uncorked a deep pass to Josh Gordon. Despite defenders on either side of him, Gordon went up and made the catch.

The touchdown pass was also the 500th of Brady’s career, and his third of the game. Brady is now just the third quarterback in NFL history to reach 500 touchdowns, joining Peyton Manning (539) and Brett Favre (508). Drew Brees will join that club soon, as he’s currently sitting at 496.

Last week, Brady tied the mark, which was previously owned by Vinny Testaverde. Brady tied it with a touchdown pass to Cordarrelle Patterson against the Dolphins.

It speaks to Brady’s longevity that he was able to set the mark while playing for just one team for his entire career thus far. Testaverde, by contrast, played for seven different teams during his NFL career.

Brady’s unlikely to be caught any time soon. The rankings behind Brady and Testaverde include Steve Deberg (62) and Brett Favre (61).

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  1. Mike Arvand says:

    They hate him, because they ain’t him.

    And the fact that he’s a heterosexual christian white male. And more talented by half than most.

    1. Daniel Holzer says:

      They hate him because he doesn’t play for their team and his team always wins or is in contention.

  2. Rufus Beauregard says:

    I’m shocked that Testaverde threw that many TD passes.

    1. Kevin Day says:

      Probably has the interceptions record too

  3. Apparently Steve Connor has a host of cats

  4. David Jauvtis says:

    Bellicheck, as the defense coordinator of the Giants, was the main reason for the two Super Bowl triumphs during his tenure. Parcells won squat after Bill left the team. Primarily a great defensive coach.

    1. Bob Beckle says:

      Parcells went top the super bowl with the pats. Took the lowly Jets to the championship game and turned Dallas back into a winner. What squat are you talking about.

  5. Brees is going to pass Brady for TDs and Peyton Manning for all-time passing yards on Monday night.

  6. Sofia Cutler says:

    The GOAT!

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