BOSTON (CBS) — Sunday was a good one for the New England Patriots, but that doesn’t mean it was all smiles on the Patriots’ sideline. In fact, there may have even been some coarse language.

It came in the middle of the second quarter, when the Patriots’ lead was just 10-0. The Patriots employed their somewhat tricky tactic of keeping the offense on the field for a fourth-down play, only to rush the entire offense off the field and bring on the punting team. The 11-man substitution either allows the Patriots to kick to a team that doesn’t have a returner, or it forces the opponent to burn a timeout.

But on Sunday, while Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots’ offense were still on the field, Dolphins cornerback Bobby McCain decided to take a seat. The corner looked to the official for an injury whistle, which did eventually come just as the Patriots made their switch.

Belichick was apparently not buying the injury, based on his sideline conversation with an official. As Deadspin highlighted (language warning!), it doesn’t take a professional lip reader to surmise that Belichick said, “That’s bleeping bull-bleep.”

Belichick’s suspicions appear to have been correct. The Dolphins fumbled on their first snap after the punt, and McCain was back on the field for the Dolphins’ defense as James White rushed for a 22-yard touchdown. McCain, though, later did leave the game with a knee injury.


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