BROCKTON (CBS) — The 18-year-old behind the wheel during a crash that killed four Stoughton High students was arraigned in Brockton District Court Monday.

On the afternoon of May 19, police say Naiquan Hamilton was driving nearly 100 mph in East Bridgewater with four friends in the car when he crashed into a tree. Christopher Desir, 17, Eryck Sablah, 17, Nicholas Joyce, 16, and David Bell, 17, all died as a result of the crash. Hamilton suffered injuries in the crash as well.

“Upon arrival, to a person, described an incredibly catastrophic scene,” prosecutor Russell Eonas said Monday.

At the crash scene, police say they found 10 bags of marijuana in what was left of his car.

Eric Sarblah, Nick Joyce, David Bell (Photos courtesy of friends and family)

Hamilton pleaded not guilty to four counts each of manslaughter by motor vehicle, motor vehicle homicide by operating under the influence, and motor vehicle homicide by reckless operation. He was released on personal recognizance upon the agreement that he submits to random drug testing, not drive, continue night school, not leave the country, and stay away from the victims and witnesses’ families.

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz feels obligated to push forward with the prosecution, saying everybody involved in the case has suffered a loss.

“The young man driving the car with his friends, his four friends are gone forever,” Cruz said. “Sons and kids in the community, the community has been affected forever, it’s an absolute tragedy.”

If Hamilton is convicted of just of the counts of motor vehicle homicide, he faces a minimum of five years in prison.

  1. Joe Casey says:

    For Christ sakes, leave this kid alone.

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