By Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – Jennifer and Pedro Calegari have been dreaming of their wedding for seven years. This summer, that dream turned into a nightmare.

“I was just over the moon that we got to have, well I thought we were going to have, everything I ever dreamed of. So that was a bummer when it didn’t happen,” said Calegari. She feels like a jilted bride. She said the company she paid nearly $4,000 to make her woodland farm theme wedding a reality June 9th, was a no-show.

“I think the most memories that I have now looking back, are just being upset about everything,” Jennifer Calegari said.

Pedro and Jennifer Calegari (WBZ-TV)

Cara Katz’s wedding was on the same day in a different location, when she said the same rental business showed up late, with only some of the many supplies they had promised. “How dare they? How dare they mess up the best day of someone’s life?” Katz said.

On the Boston Rustic Wedding Rentals website, slick photos show shabby-chic style unfinished furniture, and handcrafted country accents. But six separate brides tell WBZ’s I-Team the company either never showed up at all, or came so late, the couples were panicked.

Cara Katz (WBZ-TV)

“I freaked out. I didn’t know what to expect. At first I thought it was a joke. I didn’t know what was going to go on. I didn’t know what was going to happen, how we were going to solve it.”

When WBZ asked the owner of Boston Rustic Wedding Rentals, Joe Gaylord, for an explanation, he responded, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Some of the brides were able to stop payment or get refunds through their credit card companies, but the Calegari’s paid up front with a check the company cashed before their wedding. When WBZ asked Gaylord if he would reimburse the couple, he said, “Of course.”

When that didn’t happen, WBZ asked again. He responded with a text. “I would ask them again. On the way back to my warehouse after working since 6am. Heading back to load for tomorrow deliveries.”

Joe Gaylord (WBZ-TV)

At least one of those deliveries apparently never made it. Another bride contacted the I-Team days later, saying they never showed up. Then two more brides came forward, one saying the company showed up late with only some of the expected items, another saying they didn’t show up at all.

At Gaylord’s request, the I-Team did check back with the Calegaris again about whether they ever got a refund. They said they have not, and they hired a lawyer to try to get the money back.

Wedding planners say most companies require a deposit, but no one should ever pay in full before the wedding date.  The customers WBZ spoke with said it’s about more than just money. They said their wedding memories are forever tainted. “I don’t remember being happy during those moments,” said Cara Katz.

“We trusted you with the most important day of our lives thus far,” said Jennifer Calegari. “You let us down. You failed us.”

Christina Hager

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  1. Scammers and liars! Thank you for exposing these people to the public. They should be put out of business for all of their lies!

    1. Alexandria Stavropoulos says:

      Looking to connect with everyone who had a wedding affected by this company. My husband and myself had a similar experience and are looking to seek legal counsel/action.

      1. themodishmix says:

        Hi Alexandria! My husband and I unfortunately went through the same situation with this nightmare company. We recently won our case against them in court, almost a YEAR after our wedding. I still cant believe it had to go THAT far to be resolved. They were a no-show in court, just like they were for so many weddings. No surprise there. Please feel free to reach out via email Wishing you ALL the luck.

  2. Brian Bilbo says:

    looks like my daughter dodged a bullet with the September 8th wedding, at least the tent showed up

  3. Chris Lettiere says:

    CBS ripped-off this story from Turtleboy Sports.

  4. Andrea Eberly says:

    We are in the process of canceling with Boston Rustic now. The owners are not responding, we’re going through our credit card company because luckily we reserved our tables and chairs with them back when they accepted credit cards! We have a week until our wedding which fortunately actually seems to be enough time to get tables and chairs elsewhere. What a disaster for these brides who did NOT find out in time!

  5. Chris Kellogg says:

    This was a good story when I first read it on Turtleboy almost a week ago. Why did you guys rip them off?

  6. We also hired this company for my daughters wedding this past weekend. After trying for over a week to get in touch with them my daughter left a message we wanted to cancel with them because we had not heard from them and were very concerned as the wedding was in 5 days! She finally got a call and all they were concerned with was keeping the deposit. Thank god we didn’t pay in full. Taylor Rental was able to get us what we needed and saved the wedding. Thank God! Boston Rustic said they would not return our deposit and said we are lucky they are not demanding full payment!

  7. Joyce Mattern says:

    Our daughter’s wedding was September 15th. They were a no show and not answering phone or texts for the 2 days before the wedding. When they did show the morning of the wedding only some items were in the truck.They were turned away and refused to return the full payment. Total scam artists. How are they still in business? They need to be shut down.

  8. Megan Hodgson says:

    We had a wedding on 9/14 and the chairs did not arrive until 35 minutes before the ceremony (with no chair pads) even though we were told 8am and repeatedly told they were “on their way”, we also got a dancefloor that was unsafe and had to have the venue tear it up and use their own… awaiting a refund for both. Further, we ordered a loveseat to be told it was ruined in transit. Still no responses from the owners and no money back. Further, they did not show up to the venue in time the next day to remove the items for the next bride to have her special day which ended up impacting her day. Poor business practice, and horrible way to act.

  9. Heather Shute says:

    Our wedding was this past weekend 9/29 and Boston Rustic did show up and was actually early, however, we were missing a piece of furniture. Also, we had already booked with another company called Simply Vintage Rentals since we saw numerous complaints regarding BRWR the weeks leading up to our wedding. Faleesha had been great up to a month and a half before the wedding then she just went silent on us. We had booked BRWR over 1.5 years ago and had given a sizable deposit for chairs, benches, doors, games, buffet tables and more. For weeks we were unable to get a hold of anyone at BRWR and sent numerous e-mails, texts, FB messages and phone calls. After hearing about the 3 weddings they didn’t show-up for on labor day weekend, I panicked and found another vendor to cover everything we needed. Faleesha finally sent me an e-mail a week before the wedding in which I was able to cancel majority of our order and only kept a few items to at least cover our deposit. I was very surprised when they showed up at 9am the day of our wedding. The delivery guy did say they were missing a piece of furniture because it was too damaged. Either way it worked out in the end for us but not after a lot of stress and many phone calls to the new vendor. I’m beyond thankful Joanne at Simply Vintage Rentals was able to accommodate our wedding. I would stay clear of BRWR as it isn’t worth the stress of not knowing if they will show-up the day of your wedding. I suggest spending the extra cash and go somewhere else.

  10. Lesley Hayes Heney says:

    We also had a horrible experience with this company back in September of 2015. I had to sign a letter stating that I would take down my bad reviews of the company to receive my refund. These people were a nightmare to work with and shouldn’t be in business.

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