WATERTOWN (CBS) – A tow truck driver was stabbed five times after police said he struck and killed a woman walking in Watertown Square.

And the man accused of stabbing the driver is believed to be the son of the pedestrian who was struck and killed, according to witnesses.

He was arrested and taken to an area hospital. Police have not released the names of anyone involved.

A tow truck driver was stabbed five times after police say he hit and killed a woman walking in Watertown Square. (WBZ-TV)

Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said the incident happened around 11:20 a.m. in the busy area of Watertown and Galen streets.

Ryan said a woman in her late 60s was hit and killed by a flatbed tow truck. She died at the scene of the crash.

The tow truck driver was stabbed five times in the torso. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

The scene of a fatal pedestrian accident and stabbing in Watertown. (WBZ-TV)

Witnesses say the woman who was struck and killed had been pinned underneath the tow truck. That’s when a man believed to be her son allegedly went after the tow truck driver and began stabbing him.

“And then, he jumped in the truck, the cabin, and started stabbing and stabbing and stabbing him,” said Zeidan Taha, who called 911 from the scene. “And the driver, you know, opened the door and threw him to the floor. And then the driver went down, and then he kept chasing him, chasing him, and stabbing him, stabbing him.”

The tow truck driver fell down.

The pedestrian struck and killed was pinned underneath this truck, authorities said. (WBZ-TV)

“I called the police. I tell them, ‘Hurry up, there’s somebody stabbing somebody,'” Taha said.

Traffic was impacted for several hours in the area of Watertown Square as police continue to investigate the incident.

Watertown Police Chief Mike Lawn said the crime scene was hard to look at for both investigators and the general public.

“This was a bad scene over here for both the people and the public and for our officers,” Lawn said.

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  1. Peter B. Kingman says:

    It is understandable what the stabber did. He should have stabbed the tow truck driver a few more times. Ever notice how these guys drive? They figure they can get away with anything because they know the cops.

    1. Did your parents have any normal children?

      1. Peter B. Kingman says:


    2. Huh.

      The woman was in the middle of the road.

      Maybe if she was at a legal crossing, and following the road law, and there was no justice system, then stabbing would be justified.

      However, she was not at a legal crossing. She was not following road law. And there is a justice system.

      Ever notice how some people, who call themselves “Americans,” are the furthest possible thing from it, if you talk to them?

      1. Salvatore Deangelo says:

        i hardly doubt the few feet from where they were to where the crosswalk is wouldn’t have really mattered.. are they magic now?? its always the driver’s job to be aware!!!!! that’s the law!!

  2. Richard Riley says:

    A true crime of passion if ever their was one…….awful for everyone involved…..cant say anyone is truly at fault here…just a sad sequence of events …nobody knows how they would react seeing your mother run over in such a gruesome manner…i hope the driver survives and im betting the son who stabbed him will beat the charges …i cant imagine a jury not sympathizing with all parties

  3. Salvatore Deangelo says:

    i would have done the same thing! but the driver wouldn’t have made it and i wouldn’t have stopped stabbing until my arm went numb(then i would switch arms) or they stopped me

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