NORTH ANDOVER (CBS) — Technicians in North Andover and Andover are continuing the process of turning gas services back on Monday. According to North Andover Town Manager Andrew Maylor, 500 crew members will be on the streets and responding to homes that already called the service restoration line: 1-866-388-3239.

If you do not have gas service, do not turn it on yourself, call the gas company.

As of noon on Sunday, 8,570 gas customers were affected. Turning the gas back on to everyone in North Andover could take days, the town of North Andover said.

You can also call the restoration line to schedule a safety checkup.

On Sunday, Colombia Gas tweeted that they were beginning the restoration process for homes outside of the areas impacted by Thursday’s gas crisis. The process for customers within those areas “will be very different and will take time.”

The gas company also explained in a statement, “Please be patient – it is a lengthy process because we must visit each customer (inside the home) to perform a safety inspection and relight appliances.”

If crews came to your house while you were not home, there should be a blue or reg tag on your door with contact information. If you have a yellow tag, call 1-866-388-3239, and a technician will get to you as soon as they can.

Find the updated list of affected and not affected streets in North Andover here.


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