By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) —  A recount is currently underway for the Democratic primary in the third congressional district of Massachusetts. Once it is established that either Lori Trahan or Dan Koh won, they will face Republican opponent Rick Green.

“We’re the last district in the entire country that we don’t have the lineup set. At this point, I’ll take anybody.” Green, the CEO of 1A Auto, spoke with WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller on Sunday.

“One of the big issues with infrastructure is sometimes you don’t know there is a problem until you have an incident like this,” Green said referring to the Merrimack Valley explosions and one of this top priorities: infrastructure.

“We see that with our roads and bridges, they are crumbling. That’s why I talk about fixing the Rourke Bridge in Lowell and Route 2 from the Concord rotary all the way out to Gardner. There’s just to much – in Massachusetts, we are ranked 50 out of 50 states in terms of functionally obsolete bridges. Our infrastructure is so old, just from the nature, you know it’s the east coast, the nature, the topography, things like that.”

Green said maintenance is key and the question needs to be asked of “how did we get to a situation where we let the infrastructure decay to this point? You could have these problems with electric lines, you could have them with roads. So it doesn’t matter what type of infrastructure you have, what matters is the maintenance regime and the fact that you’re taking care of that infrastructure.”

When Keller asked if Green would ever consider raising the gas tax and he responded: “I’m a problem solver. You got to dig in, find out what the real cause is and address that. Ninety-nine times out of 100 you’re going to find that money available already.”

Green is the founder of Mass. Fiscal Alliance, which has lobbied against the Safe Communities Act that would limit local law enforcement’s involvement with federal immigration authorities.

“I’m going to take an oath of office to support the constitution and federal law. How can I run a campaign on an issue talking about ignoring federal law?” said Green in defense of Mass Fiscal Alliance’s stance.

Green also said the immigration debate is personal. “My brother-in-law is an immigrant, he is a naturalized citizen, folks who work for me as well. So many great people who come to this country and they play by the rules. Right now there’s lots of people overseas trying to get in this country, playing by the rules we need to have a system that puts those people first.”

He added, “political speech is the most sacred part of the first amendment and folks should have a right to be able to have their thoughts hear without having to worry about what’s going to happen. Look, we have a public interest to know who’s giving money to our politicians but when the government demands that private citizens turn over their records, that’s only for intimidation, no other reason.”

To learn about Green’s platform, visit his website.

Jon Keller


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