By Juli McDonald

DEDHAM (CBS) – After their home opener victory over the Texans, Patriots running back James White traded his cleats for bowling shoes, hoping to bring another big win to Boston Medical Center during his fundraising tournament.

“It’s a special place. Visiting there you just really get a good feel of the great treatments they have,” James White said. “They really care about the patients that are there.”

Patriots RB James White (WBZ-TV)

It’s the Patriot way to “do your job” – White says that means being committed on the field, and to their community.

“It starts with Mr Kraft. As soon as you step in the building, you can see how dedicated he is to giving back to the community. It kind of rubs off on everybody else.”

At the same time in Foxboro, linebacker Dont’a Hightower hosted a Monday Night Football watch party for a cause close to his heart.

Patriots LB Dont’a Hightower (WBZ-TV)

“I decided to do this a couple years ago when my mom was diagnosed with diabetes,” Hightower said. “We decided together that we wanted to promote awareness.”

Fellow teammates flocked to both events – proving the spirit of giving back, is shared down the roster.

“Sometimes it gets kind of lost that football players are more than just football players,” Hightower said. “Dedicating a little bit of time is nothing if I’m able to help someone and promote that awareness.”

Juli McDonald


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