BOSTON (CBS) – Transit officials will take a closer look at dangerous conditions at MBTA stations across the area after a report found the majority of the state’s facilities need repair.

The MBTA is compiling an inventory on facilities in order to meet requirements put in place by the Federal Transit Agency. The Boston Globe reports a preliminary review from 2017 showed 57 percent of 378 stations and parking facilities scored two or less on a scale of five. In addition, 78 scored only a one.

A meeting is scheduled for Monday to review the issues.

Many stations are dealing with problems like crumbling concrete or water leaks.

The T says it has a 15-year plan to upgrade all properties and equipment. But some officials argue investing in new vehicles and improving tracks is a higher priority.

“It did not take 15, or 20, or 30 years to let the system get as bad as it is, and it can’t be fixed overnight,” transportation secretary Stephanie Pollack told the Globe.


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