By Katie Brace

HAMPTON, NH (CBS) – Beach days may be over, but on Friday night visitors packed Hampton Beach’s main drag for everything seafood.

The annual Hampton Beach Seafood Festival draws patrons who spend the entire weekend.

“Every year we come from Connecticut,” said Juel Weaber.

That’s good news for restaurants like Ray’s who were concerned this year they would take a hit due to the legionnaires’ outbreak.

“We were, but talking to everyone else it seems like it’s been contained,” said Jacob Hoag, a worker at Ray’s Restaurant.

The festival is just feet away from the two hotels linked to the outbreak. The state health department closed hot tubs at the Sands Resort and the Harris Sea Ranch Motel. The outbreak sickened 15 people and one died from the form of bacterial pneumonia.

Certified nurse Vanessa Gray said it did make her apprehensive. “No because I am drinking bottled water everywhere I go,” she said. She was told about the outbreak hours before she arrived and says it’s concerning. “That shouldn’t be happening,” said Gray.

Legionnaires’ is spread through hot tubs, air conditioners and misters, not everyone who comes into contact with the bacteria becomes sick.

“The health risk I mean the chance of getting it are slim,” said John Polechronis.

“Just don’t go in a hot tub everything else we can enjoy,” said Weaber

Katie Brace