BOSTON (CBS) — For several weeks now, Tom Brady’s new helmet has been the talk of the town. Apparently, that’s all been for naught.

Brady took to the practice field on Tuesday with his teammates as they prepare for the season opener on Sunday against the Houston Texans. And after sporting a new, modern helmet since early August, Brady was back to his old trusty look on Tuesday.

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The helmet seen in that photograph is the one Brady’s worn for his entire career, save for very brief experiments with some other models. But that helmet — the Riddell VSR-4 — will not be allowed to be used in the NFL after the 2018 season, meaning if Brady plays in 2019 (and beyond), he’ll need to wear a more technologically advanced helmet.

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So this summer, Brady debuted the Riddell Precision Fit SpeedFlex at practice and then on the field for the team’s second and third preseason games. Brady spoke glowingly about the new helmet, praising the equipment staff for getting it to feel right.

Tom Brady’s new helmet (L), Tom Brady’s old helmet (R) (Photo by Tim Bradbury/Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

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But ultimately it seems like Brady is going back to what’s most comfortable.