BOSTON (CBS) — Nike’s latest advertisement featuring Colin Kaepernick has sparked a lot of debate and controversy around the sports world and the country at large. And while seemingly everybody has an opinion one way or another, the quarterback of the Patriots is apparently backing the message behind Kaepernick.

An active Instagram user, Brady double-tapped the screen when he saw the account for GQ Magazine share the Nike ad, which features Kaepernick’s face and includes the words, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Tom Brady is shown as one of the thousands of Instagram users to “Like” the sharing of Colin Kaepernick’s latest Nike advertisement. (Screenshot from Instagram/GQ)

The 41-year-old Brady almost always avoids commenting publicly on controversial matters, though he has expressed support for Kaepernick over the past couple of years.

In an interview with CBS last September, Brady praised Kaepernick’s quarterbacking ability and said, “he’s certainly qualified and I hope he gets a shot.”

In November on WEEI, Brady said Kaepernick “was a damn good quarterback. He’s played at a high level and brought his teams to Super Bowls.”

The new Kaepernick ad, which hit the internet on Sunday, resulted in instant reaction, both in support and protest of the statement. Brady’s unlikely to comment further on his social media activity, but considering that he knows how closely all of his social media activity is monitored and covered, the “like” on Instagram serves a firm statement on Brady’s behalf.

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  1. Stephen Miller says:

    5 rings or not Tom, you’ve taken a few many hits to the head! The K guy got a shot and didn’t take it because he didn’t like the money they offered.

  2. The NFL is cutting it’s own throat!

  3. Edward O'Messon says:

    Bye bye Nike. So long NFL.

  4. J.D. Johnson says:

    Only because Giselle told him to “like” it. Tom is a brainless follower.

  5. Daniel Darncat Coate says:

    Everything is becoming very simple. If you are a racist, don’t even bother watching sports. If you are a bigot you support trump and nazis marching in the streets killing people. If you are one of these nazis, you don’t belong in America. Get out.

  6. Carrie LaRoche says:

    SMH… Why does Tom have to support this idiot. The entire movement he created is based on false premise and meant only to divide and anyone defending or supporting it should try learning the facts instead of hopping on board with knee jerk emotion.

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