BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Police were scouring a Roxbury neighborhood for evidence Wednesday night after an 18-year-old man was shot and killed. Officers were called to Hollander Street just before 7:15.

“Officers observed a black male, approximately 18 years old, suffering from a gunshot wound,” Boston Police Superintendent Marcus Eddings said.

The victim was rushed to the hospital but didn’t survive. Investigators say it’s too early to know whether the victim was targeted.

“Any person shot and killed in the streets of Boston, one is too many,” Eddings said. “We strive to make Boston the safest city in the country. Right now we’re at 35 this year. We’re even with last year. If we can reduce that to 0 it’d be great.”

Investigators hope that neighbors and witnesses will be cooperative and come forward or contact them anonymously with any information related to the shooting.

“The violence has to stop,” said one neighbor who heard at least six gunshots. “This is not unusual to happen. It’s just a shame this happens in my community. We have a great community and it’s very diverse here. It breaks my heart to see this happening.”

Around the same time there was a car crash nearby. Investigators are trying to determine whether the crash and shooting are connected in any way.


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