By Katie Brace

YARMOUTH (CBS) – A quick-thinking Good Samaritan saved a 12-year-old boy struggling in the water on Cape Cod.

“I was out on the water, and I saw the police boat with the sirens and they just sped over,” said witness Logan Jancski.

First responders rushed to a call of a child drowning in the waters of Lewis Bay in Yarmouth.

“With sirens blaring and usually you don’t see that,” said witness Chris Parker.

The harbormaster says the 12-year-old boy was by himself walking along the shoreline early Friday afternoon.

“Occurred directly across the bay here,” said Yarmouth Harbormaster Karl von Hone, as he pointed across the bay.

The boy crossed a channel that was deeper than he expected – he slipped into six feet of water. Despite all of the boats in the bay only one woman on a nearby beach spotted the boy in distress.

“She was a lifesaver,” said von Hone.

The woman and her mother were on a private beach on Great Island, which is a gated community.

“She only saw the boy in the water flailing his arms around,” said Bill Bonnetti of Yarmouth Natural Resources.

She had her mom call 911, while she jumped into a kayak to reach the child.

“When she got there he was already under the water. She jumped in and pulled him to a nearby jetty,” said von Hone.

The boy was unconscious but then regained consciousness. He was rushed to the nearby hospital and then taken by med-flight to Boston. His family is by his side.

“She indicated she was a mother of three and she indicated she would hope someone would do that or her children,” said Bonnetti.

She has no doubt paid it forward.

“Thank God there are people around like that,” said Chris Parker.

Katie Brace


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