ASHLAND (CBS) – Lightning struck Massachusetts Senate President Karen Spilka’s Ashland home Wednesday night, but firefighters say things could have been much worse.

Underground wiring of an invisible dog fence at Spilka’s Rome Way home was hit around 10:30 p.m. The charge traveled into the house and blew the control panel for the fence. It also blew off the control module of a sprinkler system.

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A lightning strike caused damage at Massachusetts Senate President Karen Spilka’s home. (Image Credit: Joel Loitherstein)

Fortunately, no one was near the items that were impacted by the lightning strike at the time. Firefighters said if anyone had been, injuries could have resulted.

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Spilka said everyone at the home was safe, including her dogs. There is, however, significant electrical damage left behind.

Damage done by a lightning strike in Ashland. (Image Credit: Joel Loitherstein)

There was some smoke as a result, but no fire started.

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“Never know what Mother Nature will do,” Spilka tweeted.