By Lisa Gresci, WBZ-TV

WAKEFIELD (CBS) – The Wakefield dog park is a popular spot in town to take dogs to play for some off-leash fun. Tuesday morning, the fun took a violent turn.

Sparrow is an 8-month-old Vizsla puppy. Her owner’s girlfriend posted pictures of her on Facebook and says another dog attacked her around 8:45 Tuesday at the dog park.

Sparrow’s chest was torn open over 4 inches and she was rushed into emergency surgery.

“That’s quite a cut, to leave the ribs exposed that’s quite a cut!” Liam Carroll, another dog owner said.

Sparrow (WBZ-TV)

However, it’s what the owner of the other dog did next, that has other dog owners pretty upset.

“And while that dog was being tended to the owner of the other dog took her dog and left without leaving any information which is not very polite or what we stand for here,” Joe Shapiro explained.

Sparrow’s owner posted a description of the dog on Facebook. The post says the woman took her black, medium-sized, mixed breed dog and left without a word.

Now before you even get into the dog park there’s a list of rules. One of them is that if a dog is showing aggressive behavior it needs to be put on a leash and taken out of the park.

Which other dog owners say usually happens. “Usually the owners step in if it’s bad enough but I’ve never seen anything too crazy. Nothing like that no. Little nips and stuff like that but it’s usually just dogs playing with each other,” Mike Leary said.

Wakefield dog park (WBZ-TV)

“I was surprised this is a quiet place since I’ve been coming here since it opened I’ve never seen any kind of problem with dogs,” Carroll added.

Because there is no information on the other dog or whether or not it was vaccinated.

Sparrow now has to be quarantined for 45 days and won’t be able to go to the dog park she once loved.

Which other dog owners find heartbreaking because this is a time where Sparrow should be learning to socialize with other dogs.

“Forty-five days is a long time in terms for a puppy so that will affect the dog for the rest of its life,” Shapiro said.

The animal control officer and police are both investigating the attack.

If you know who owns the other dog, call police right away.


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