WILMINGTON (CBS) – A baby bobcat was spotted in Wilmington over the weekend.

David Lozzi said he was walking his dog by the middle school on Boutwell Street around 1 p.m. when he saw it. But at first he thought it was something else.

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“I then saw what I thought, from a distance, was a dog standing in the road. It then ran across the street and I saw two smaller dogs chasing it. I thought wow coyotes!” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“Then I got to where they were and looked where they (came) from and saw a baby bobcat! Pulled the camera out where (I watched) it from there!”

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The baby bobcat in Wilmington, August 5, 2018. (Image credit: David Lozzi)

The video, now posted online, shows the baby bobcat in a tree looking down at Lozzi and his dog. No other bobcats were seen in the video.

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According to MassWildlife, bobcats are the only wild cat now found in Massachusetts and they “rarely cause conflicts with human activities.