HARWICH (CBS) — Three men and one woman were arrested by Harwich Police after allegedly getting in a boat that was not theirs and taking it for a ride. They were arraigned in Orleans District Court Wednesday.

Lisa Shorey, 49, of Hyannis, Christopher Arms, 37, of Harwich, Geoffrey Curran, 23, of Hyannis, and Jason Mostacci, 36, of Danvers were all charged with larceny over $1,200.

Harwich Police arrest four people after they allegedly stole a boat (WBZ-TV)

According to police, at about 7:45 p.m. on Tuesday, the group “boarded a boat at one of the slips, started the engine and pulled away from the dock” of Allen Harbor Marine in Harwich Port.

The boat they chose was 36 feet long and worth about $400,000.

Craig LeBlanc of Allen Harbor Marine Service explained, “One of my customers observed them on the boat and realized that they were probably out of place, alerted another employee here who alerted me. I checked with the boat owner who confirmed that there was no one authorized to use the boat.” He then contacted the Harbormaster.

Four people were arrested for allegedly taking a boat from Allen’s Port Marine (WBZ-TV)

Employees were able to keep visual contact with the boat in question until the Harbormaster arrived and caught up to the boat. LeBlanc said he believes a “brief chase” occurred.

Police said the stolen boat was found about three miles outside of Allen’s Harbor.

A marina employee, escorted by the Harbormaster, drove the boat back to the harbor after the four on board were arrested.

“The customer did the right thing by speaking up but then everything fell into place from there,” said LeBlanc.


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