By Katie Brace

BOSTON (CBS) – If you see Izzy Putnam or Addie Moulton from Andover, you will spot the other one, even in the hospital.

When asked if she would rather be anywhere else, Addie shook her head no. In February, Izzy found out she had a hole in her heart. Monday she went in for surgery at Mass General Hospital.

Izzy and Addie (WBZ-TV)

“The day after surgery at three o’clock on the morning, she woke up, ‘where’s Addie where’s Addie where’s Addie,’” said Laura Putnam, Izzy’s mom.

Since then, for 10 hours every day, 11-year old Addie has stayed by her friend’s side in the hospital.

“I know she would do the same for me, so I just came in because I wanted to support her because it’s a lot. It’s open heart surgery,” said Addie Moulton.

Addie and Izzy (WBZ-TV)

Addie puts on her nurse’s hat holding Izzy’s water, making sure she is comfortable and wheeling her around.

“She basically does everything for/with me,” said Izzy.

Izzy turned 11 on Thursday. It was Addie who planned a big surprise party and invited their other friends. “I told her I was going to be in Florida,” said Addie laughing.

“I thought I was exercising and then when I entered the room they all popped up and said, ‘surprise,’” said Izzy smiling.

Izzy and Addie (WBZ-TV)

The girls’ parents have watched in awe. “Addison was all in and wanted to do it and wanted to be there and from there it just never ended,” said Christine Moulton.

“To see that amount of love between girls of that age again there are no words,” said Laura Putnam.

Words cannot do justice to a friendship this deep.

Izzy and Addie went home from the hospital Friday afternoon. Izzy should not need any more surgeries. The girls are already planning endless sleepovers and believe it or not, they’ve already decided to go to Tufts Veterinary School and become business partners.

Katie Brace


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