BOSTON (CBS) – While most people still associate heart disease with men, it is still the number one killer of American women, as well as men. Now a new study out of the University of Ottawa finds women are at greater risk of dying from heart failure than men.

In people with heart failure, the heart does not pump blood as effectively as it should which can lead to shortness of breath and fatigue. It can be deadly.

In fact, researchers looked at 90,000 heart patients over five years and found that women are dying from heart failure at higher rates than men.

They also found that while hospitalizations for heart failure have declined in men, they are going up in women.

It is likely that men and women differ in terms of how they develop heart failure and how they should be treated for their heart failure, so more research is needed to figure out how to improve the outcome in women as well as men.


Dr. Mallika Marshall


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