by Hoodline

BOSTON (Hoodline)- Looking to satisfy your appetite for Vietnamese fare? Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top Vietnamese restaurants around Boston, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to meet your needs.

1. Pho Basil

(Photo: Wing Y./Yelp)

Topping the list is Pho Basil. Located at 177 Massachusetts Ave. (between Clearway and St. Germain streets in Back Bay), this is the highest rated Vietnamese restaurant in Boston, boasting four stars out of 969 reviews on Yelp.

Pho Basil offers dishes from both Vietnamese and Thai playbooks, from phở and bun (grilled meat on a bed of vermicelli) to tom yum soup and curry dishes. Regulars on Yelp also appreciate the value and service at this busy casual establishment.

2. Le’s Vietnamese Restaurant

(Photo: Jessica H./Yelp)

Next up is Allston’s Le’s Vietnamese Resturant, situated at 137 Brighton Ave. (between Linden Street and Harvard Avenue). Another inexpensive spot, you’ll find an extra large bowl of phở for $10.50 or any number of vermicelli dishes for under $10. With four stars out of 610 reviews on Yelp, Le’s has proven to be a local favorite. There’s also another location at 36 JFK St. in Cambridge.

3. New Dong Khanh

(Photo: JohnnyPrmeC. C./Yelp)

Chinatown’s New Dong Khanh, located at 83 Harrison Ave. (between Knapp and Beach streets), also makes the list, with Yelpers giving it four stars out of 515 reviews. New Dong Khanh has offered traditional Vietnamese cuisine with Chinese inflections for more than 25 years.

The extensive menu runs from wonton soup and made-at-your-table spring rolls, all the way to lo mein and entrees like tofu stir fry with pineapples and tomatoes. In between, you’ll find the bun, phở and rice dishes you’d expect from a restaurant on this list.

4. New Saigon Sandwich

(Photo: Tisa H./Yelp)

New Saigon Sandwich puts its focus on bánh mì, the savory meat-filled baguette sandwich, available here for $4.00. Fillings include shredded pork, teriyaki beef and curry chicken — all topped with mayonnaise, cucumber, chili peppers, cilantro, carrots, radish and/or onion. Also available are noodle, rice and tofu main dishes.

New Saigon Sandwich is a Chinatown favorite, with four stars out of 392 Yelp reviews. Head over to 696 Washington St. (between Lagrange and Stuart streets) to see for yourself.

5. New Saigon

(Photo: Chris H./Yelp)

Finally, and not related to the sandwich shop above, is New Saigon in East Boston, which has earned 4.5 stars out of 118 reviews on Yelp. In addition to the expected Vietnamese soups, rice and noodle dishes, look for bánh xèo, the crispy egg crêpe, or one of the many chef’s special seafood options. You can find this Vietnamese spot at 985 Bennington St. (between Saratoga and Trident streets.)


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