By Michelle Fisher, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — An immigrant mother and son from Brazil are back together in Boston after they were separated at the U.S.-Mexican border in May.

Sirley Paixao and her 10-year-old son Diego reunited Thursday in Chicago. They arrived in Boston together overnight Friday.

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“I am very happy tonight, I’m going to be able to sleep with my little baby,” said Sirley, speaking through a translator.

When Sirley was arrested for entering the country illegally, her son was sent to a detention center in Chicago. She says initially she didn’t even know where he was.

With the help of lawyers, she located him. On Wednesday a federal judge ordered that he be released.

Sirley Paixao and her son Diego (WBZ-TV)

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“I am very happy I’m here with my mom tonight,” said Diego. “I never want to let go of her, ever again.”

Sirley and Diego are the second pair from Brazil, seeking asylum in Massachusetts, to be reunited in the past week.

Sirley said she is thankful to the immigration attorneys who delivered on their promises.

“We’ve shown how this can be done and we are hopeful it can be done very soon for all the children,” said attorney Jesse Bless. “Every day is traumatic for them. I know that, we’ve seen that.”

At a press conference Thursday, Sirley shared her plans for the future and says she is eager to “just live a happy life,” and “forget that all of this ever happened.”

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The next step, she added is getting her son enrolled in school and finding a job.