BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston Duck Boat tour found a body in the Charles River Monday morning.

The body of a 59-year-old man was found near the Longfellow Bridge around 11 a.m., according to the Coast Guard. State Police removed the body from the water.

A duck boat on the Charles River (WBZ-TV)

“Just as we were coming past the bridge, we saw what we believe to be a body in the water,” said Kevin Roland, who was aboard the duck boat. “The tour guide called the Coast Guard and they came out very quickly.”

Roland added that the tour guide did their best to distract the group, especially because there were kids on board.

A Coast Guard boat on the Charles River (WBZ-TV)

Another passenger said the Coast Guard searched the water near where the body was found. “They were taking these long sticks and putting them alongside the boat and then they made a U-turn, went back to wherever they call home, and they again had the siren going,” said Bill Dils.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney, the man had previously been reported missing and it does not appear that foul play was involved.

The official cause and manner of his death have not been determined yet.

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