CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Police are looking to speak with a man in connection to a camera hidden inside the bathroom of a Cambridge business.

The store owner says he recognizes the suspect as someone who has been in the store before. Now police are hoping you can help them identify him.

“In all the years I’ve worked there, 30 years now, I’ve never seen something so horrible,” said Chris Cassel, of The Garment District.

Surveillance video of man possibly connected (Cambridge PD).

Investigators want to speak to a man — in his 30s or 40s — who was in The Garment District in Cambridge June 16. He was in the store for an hour; visited both bathrooms, and made a quick exit at the same time a customer reported this:

“As a woman was going to the bathroom, she looked down underneath the sink and she saw what she believed to be a pen camera, sticking out of a small hole,” said Jeremy Warnick, of Cambridge Police.

She quickly covered it with paper towels, and heard someone leave the adjoining bathroom.

Garment District bathrooms (WBZ-TV)

“The victim in this case did everything right,” Warnick said. “She reported it right away to the store manager; the store manager did everything right by contacting us immediately. Looks like an isolated incident, but one too many.”

It’s unclear whether the hole was already there, or created by the suspect. It was repaired right away.

“We do care so much about our customers and don’t want to ever see them hurt,” Cassel said. “If someone out there knows who this is, we will be able to prosecute. It’s really important to do that.”

Investigators are using this as a reminder to everyone to pay attention to your surroundings just like this woman did. If you recognize the man in those images call Cambridge Police.