BOSTON (CBS) — Many thought that Danny Ainge would be calling Terry Rozier Thursday night to inform him of a trade.

Instead, the Boston point guard FaceTimed Ainge as the Celtics were getting ready to make their pick. Not knowing he was live on Bleacher Report’s online draft show, Ainge revealed Boston’s upcoming selection to the world.

Just ahead of the 27th overall pick Thursday night, the Bleacher Report hosts asked Rozier to predict who would become his newest teammate. But he didn’t want to make a prediction, and instead went right to the man picking for Boston.

“I got to draft a point guard,” Ainge joked to Rozier. “I think it’s going to be Bob Williams but we’re looking at all the medical stuff.”

The Celtics were pleased with all the medical stuff, and made Texas A&M center Robert Williams their only pick of the evening. When the draft was over, Ainge said he was unaware that he was on a live webcast when he was chatting with Rozier.

“I was obviously joking with Terry about the guard position. I had no idea I was on live, whatever it was,” Ainge told reporters. “I thought he was FaceTiming me. I had no idea.”

Maybe Ainge and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick can get a few lessons on social media before their respective seasons start.

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