BOSTON (AP) — Building an underground tunnel to connect North Station and South Station in Boston would cost at least $12 billion and as much as $21 billion.

That’s according to a summary of a feasibility study released on Monday by Massachusetts transportation officials.

The state has not taken a position on the so-called North-South rail link, which has been pushed by former Democratic Gov. Michael Dukakis and other transportation advocates.

The approximately one-mile stretch between the two stations represents the only gap in passenger rail service along the Northeast Corridor from Washington, D.C., to Maine.

The study cites several potential benefits of the link including increased commuter rail capacity and reduced highway congestion. But in addition to the high cost estimates the study also points to construction challenges and other potential risks.

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  1. We had an opportunity when the city was ripped open and it was rejected over Governor Dukakis’ strong efforts. Despite the cost overruns and the national joke the Big Dig became, it has proved its value many times over since in increased value to the City both aesthetically and certainly financially. Based on experience, It would take more than a decade to implement and who knows what transportation technology will bring us? For a quick, economical and most undisruptive alternative consider a monorail link. It is can be built off site, erected quickly, is visually pleasing has the same capacity as light rail. Disney World carries more people daily than the Red Line! Massport even commissioned a study of monorail in the 70’s but it never went anywhere. The Seaport aerial tramway being proposed is inheritable inefficient. Imagine a monorail that ran from North Station to South Station through the Seaport to the UMASS Campus. Ed King did when he was Director of Massport. Again, no one listened.

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