NORTH ANDOVER (CBS) – An off duty firefighter came to the rescue when a propane tank erupted into flames in North Andover Monday afternoon. The firefighter happened to be driving by the Mobil gas station on Osgood Street when he saw a puff of smoke and pulled in to help.

A customer and a gas station attendant were filling up a camper when the propane tank sparked a flash fire, seriously injuring both men.

Deputy Fire Chief Graham Rowe says an off-duty firefighter was at the right place at the right time and called the station for back up

“He realized that they were treating, or they were trying to hit somebody with a fire extinguisher and he pulled over to render aid,” Rowe said.

camper 2 Injured In North Andover Propane Tank Explosion

Two people were injured in a propane tank explosion in North Andover (WBZ-TV)

The two men were MedFlighted to Boston hospitals with burns to the face.

“We still had an active leak,” Rowe said. “It was not on fire at that point.”

Fire crews were dealing with hazardous materials and had to work carefully to shut off the gas.

The state Fire Marshal, State Police and bomb squad could be seen examining the camper and propane tanks trying to piece together why this happened.

“It’s a flash fire that’s still under investigation,” Rowe said. “Whether if it was filling it up or disconnecting that’s what we’re determining now.”

The gas station remained closed Monday night as investigators look into why the propane tank was leaking gas.


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