PLYMOUTH (CBS) — Sometimes you just want to eat all those things you know you shouldn’t eat…like wings, and burgers, and potato chip nachos, and more wings, and beer, and did we mention wings?

Next time you’re in the mood to indulge, race into the Speedwell Tavern in Plymouth.

Speedwell Tavern (Phantom Gourmet)

Named after the sister ship of the Mayflower, Speedwell is a laid-back spot with a big bar lined with flatscreen TVs and a casual dining room where owner Jordan Chabot says comfort is king.

“It’s very, very kick off your shoes. We want people to be comfortable here. It’s definitely that kind of place,” said Chabot. “We want it to be that way. Very loose. Very loose environment. My staff’s very loose, I’m very loose, the clientele is very loose.”

Speedwell Tavern (Phantom Gourmet)

Your pants will need to be very loose too because Speedwell serves huge portions of all your pub food favorites.

“Overall, it’s a pretty laid back menu. You don’t have to think too hard. It’s come in, get a snack, get a burger, grab a nice craft beer and just enjoy yourself,” Chabot said.

Burgers are big, beautiful, and broiled up over an open flame. “Something about the flame-broiled burger just reminds me of being in the backyard. Cookouts. Stuff like that.”

Speedwell Tavern (Phantom Gourmet)

What goes on those burgers is ever-changing because Chabot likes to get creative with his specials. Depending upon the day, you can get a burger topped with lattice cut chips, bacon, and cheese, fried wontons, scallions, and sesame garlic sauce, or so many thick cut onion rings you won’t be able to get your mouth around it.

“I think it’s one of the great American foods. It’s something you can flavor a million different ways. It’s super approachable. You eat it with your hands,” Chabot said of burgers. “You just can’t beat it.”

Speedwell Tavern (Phantom Gourmet)

Whether you come for a burger, a beer, some wings, or everything, there’s a good chance Chabot will be having just as much fun as you are.

“I enjoy myself when I’m at a restaurant, whether it be mine or someone else’s. It’s great. You get to be social. You get to eat. You get to drink. What’s better than that?”


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