LOWELL (CBS) – School officials may be forced to cancel class on Monday at Lowell High School as temperatures climb close to 100 degrees.

Parents and teachers expressed concerns recently about how hot it has been getting inside classrooms. The school has already seen conditions 10-15 degrees hotter in the building than the outside temperatures in recent weeks.

The Lowell Sun reported that a robocall went out to the community Friday saying the district is prepared to cancel class if needed on Monday.

Lowell High School had plenty of issues this winter as well. Students were wearing coats and hats in class because of issues with the heating system.

The school was forced to close for several days due to a gas leak as well.

A $300 million renovation is slated to take place at the school in the near future.

Another robocall will be sent out to parents Sunday night to announce whether or not there will be school on Monday.


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