SHREWSBURY (CBS) – A Shrewsbury woman was shocked after watching helplessly while a coyote snatched her family’s dog from her yard and ran off with it.

Tracy Walnista let her 5-pound Maltese Katie into her back yard Tuesday around 10:30 p.m. A short time later, a coyote jumped into the yard and menacingly approached Katie.

Katie, a Maltese, was taken by a coyote. (Image Credit: Tracy Walnista)

Trying to scare the coyote off, Walnista began yelling and chasing after it. The coyote snatched Katie up and ran off, and the dog hasn’t been seen since.

The Shrewsbury resident said she and her children were devastated by the incident. Walnista said she hopes what happened to her will serve as a warning to neighbors to keep an eye out for coyotes.