SAINT ANDREWS, NEW BRUNSWICK (CBS) – Every once in a while an unusually colored lobster will make headlines. But this might be the sweetest catch yet.

Canadian fisherman Robinson Russell caught a lobster with shades of blue and pink resembling cotton candy off Grand Manan Island, which is just a few miles off the coast of Maine.

He made the catch in late November but a photo of the lobster got lots of attention this week on the popular igersmaine Instagram account.

The Portland Press-Herald reports that Russel donated the unusual lobster named “Lucky” to the Huntsman Marine Science Centre aquarium in New Brunswick.

Just how rare is this colorful crustacean? Dr. Andrew Jeffs at the University of Auckland’s Institute of Marine Science told TIME that it might be a 1-in-100 million find. The color was likely due to a genetic mutation, he said.

Earlier this month a 1-in-30 million orange lobster was discovered by Roche Bros. supermarket workers.

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