WEYMOUTH (CBS) – An unlicensed driver is facing several charges after he lost control of his brother’s Ferrari and crashed into several parked cars Tuesday night.

The crash was reported around 9 p.m. on East Street in Weymouth. A red Ferrari being driven by 50-year-old John Distasio crossed over the double yellow line, went over the sidewalk, slid through a fence and slammed into two cars in a nearby driveway.

Damage at a Weymouth home after a Ferrari crash. (Image Credit: Julianne Murray)

Both of the cars sustained heavy damage. No one was inside them at the time of the crash.

When police got to the scene, Distasio was bleeding with injuries to his face. He told police he was driving 40 mph and lost control when he tried to change gears.

A Ferrari is removed from the scene after crashing into two parked cars in Weymouth. (Image Credit: Julianne Murray)

Distasio, who had a revoked license, was taken to South Shore Hospital. All three vehicles were towed from the scene.

Police determined the Ferrari was traveling “at a speed in excess of 45 miles per hour, faster than the posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour.”

Distasio has an “extensive” 25 page driving record, with at least 40 suspensions or revocations. On two occasions, he has led Weymouth Police on high speed chases.

“I don’t think he should get a license at this stage, he’s had too many cracks at it,” said Weymouth Police Captain David Phillips.

He will be charged with operating with a revoked license, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, speeding, marked lanes violation, and wanton destruction of property.

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  1. It should be interesting to see if there will be any repercussions for the owner.

    Was the brother with the revoked license and extensive record aware and did he give permission?

    Will his insurance cover this if he knew? Will he have to charge the other knucklehead brother with”using without authority” to avoid the $$$$ hit?? Or larceny of the vehicle?

    Will the IRS become interested in whether income levels can cover a vehicle like that.

    Finally, how interesting will the next family get-together be? Will a DVD be available???

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