By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — There was some very big news in Patriots Land on Thursday. There reportedly may be even more coming on Friday.

That’s according to two different folks on the internet who now have some cachet after reporting the Julian Edelman PED suspension long before anyone else. One user is on Twitter — @briang001 — and the other is on Reddit — Redditlover1981.

The Twitter user sent out a tweet on May 7 after hearing about a four-game suspension from Edelman. The tweet was worded in such a way that wouldn’t necessarily make it look like a firm report on the matter, but with the power of retrospect, the tweet certainly ended up being accurate.

The Reddit user posted to the website on Wednesday night of this week, saying there was a rumor that Edelman was “potentially” getting suspended four games for PEDs. That “report,” too, was not firm. But once the news actually broke, it was proven to have been accurate.

Now, both users have separately said to expect some more big news on Friday.

“I’m the guy who broke the Edelman news last night…and I’ve got more MAJOR patriots news,” the Reddit user wrote. “I’ve actually been sitting on some bigger patriots news for the past few days, still trying to verify that it’s 100% true before putting it out there…Regardless I plan to post it here [Friday] evening. … HINT: the news is negative and it’s about a current multi year patriot.”

The Reddit user suggested that the news likely doesn’t involve a suspension or a retirement.

Brian on Twitter also shared a similar message:

Obviously, not much at all is known beyond those two ominous warnings. The Reddit user turned the exercise into a guessing game, which raises an eyebrow or two about the seriousness of the matter. But both people were right before, and they could be right again. We’ll apparently all find out together in the coming hours.

[UPDATE: Barstool Sports’ Jerry Thornton tweeted that he has heard that the rumors would register as a 9.5 on the Richter Scale.]

[ANOTHER UPDATE: After much speculation surfaced that the Patriots might be trading Rob Gronkowski, that is not happening. Not today, at least.]

FINAL UPDATE: The Reddit user posted at 5 p.m. ET that the whole thing was a prank. He did not have any news.

“I have zero sources. I’m just some random bozo on the internet that was able to fool national media outlets into taking me seriously,” the Reddit user wrote.

The body of that post was quickly removed from the site.


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