BOSTON (CBS) — The owners of Green Dragon Tavern near Fanuiel Hall are making it clear that they do not support Neo-Nazis or any other group that promotes hate.

Noelle and Sean Somers say their restaurant has recently come under attack on social media. Protesters are calling for the restaurant to be boycotted, saying the Green Dragon caters to Nazis and white nationalists.

“We have never and will never tolerate hate, and for it to be portrayed that we do is just disgusting,” says Noelle at a press conference on Friday. “It’s been a very painful week to me — getting this onslaught of emails and calling us Nazis.”

Green Dragon Tavern (WBZ-TV).

The Somers says the protesters are spreading misinformation on platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google.

One post says: “Stay Away This Bar serves Nazis. I was there and a group of about 20 idiots openly wearing swastikas and other white supremacist symbols walked in. They were purposely intimidating other patrons.”

Another reads: “This bar knowingly served Neo-Nazis, which put other customers in danger. I don’t know what the management was thinking.”

But the owners shared with the media a two-hour surveillance camera video of a group of individuals enjoying a meal.

Noelle says, “If there is any racist propaganda put out or doing a Nazi salute or someone saying something racially, in any way shape or form to another person, they will not be allowed in.”

Footage from inside the Green Dragon Tavern (Courtesy: Green Dragon Tavern)

Video also shows the manager of the Green Dragon confronting the three people outside the restaurant.

A tour guide happened to be sitting near the group in question at the time. He told WBZ-TV, there was no disruption or cause for concern. “People came in, sat to my right I believe, and ate their meal and left,” he said.

Protesters say they followed the group to the restaurant after coming from a rally in Boston. They have their own rally planned for in front of the Green Dragon Tavern Friday night.

The protest organizer said to WBZ-TV, “a hate group is a hate group, even if that hate group wasn’t behaving badly at the time…you are not welcome because your ideology is wanting to harm our community.”

The Somers have owned the Green Dragon for the past 25 years and they never had anything like this happen to them as a company or as a family. Now they are dealing with more than 125 negative social media posts and want them taken down.

Sean says, “These bullies are going to come along, slander their businesses and the social media networks and accounts are not held accountable, it’s like the wild west.”

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  1. Mark Sahady says:

    Resist Marxism is the group that was at the Green Dragon Tavern. They are not a Nazi or racist group. The far left is attempting to smear Resist Marxism and now apparently even smear where they eat.

      1. Mark Sahady says:

        ThinkProgress is fake news. Isn’t it funny that an article purporting to be about ResistMarxism hardly mentions them but instead focuses on other groups not connected to them.

  2. hotmail123 says:

    Protesters say they followed the group to the restaurant after coming from a rally in Boston. They have their own rally planned for in front of the Green Dragon Tavern Friday night.

    Worked like a charm.

  3. Jaz Mojica says:

    Right… I’m sure there’s nothing racist or hateful about this group that plans events like this…

    1. Actual quote from your reference: “Many will not attend who are on our side because they feel it’s wrong to declare that immigrants should learn our language or that English ought to be the country’s official language. The goal of this is not to spread hate, but to spread love. We simply want newcomers and natives alike to be able to flourish in our society. Language barriers create parallel cultures, and that never ends well in any country.” Sounds inclusive to anyone willing to learn english. Wouldn’t you want to learn the language of the country you moved to?

  4. chairmanballz says:

    The reporter leaves out some important facts: The group being served were members of the Proud Boys and its front group Resist Marxism, groups representing dangerous ideologies and broadly regarded as hate groups, which is easily researched on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website. Over 40,000 people marched last August to counter protest a planned Resist Marxism/Proud Boys rally, precisely because of their dangerous ideology. In this respect, Somers Pubs management made the decision to part ways with the vast majority of people in Boston, who have made it clear that we do not welcome hate groups, regardless of how calmly they might be enjoying a meal. Secondly, as even a cursory google search will tell you, the symbols of hate have changed, as few hate groups in the Northeast openly identify as neo-nazis or use hate symbols from the 1940s. New hate symbols are easily googled and were displayed by members of the hate group. Third, several other bars, including the Bell and Hand right next door, made the responsible decision to turn these hate group members away. Boston has spoken clearly, and in opposition to Somers Pubs, that hate groups are not welcome. Finally, giving voice to the owner of a chain of pubs without doing the necessary background research related to the nature of this group is just irresponsible journalism.

    1. When did Boston stop being a free society and resisting Marxism become a dangerous ideology? If the SPLC is your go to source then you have serious problems and are a racist hypocrite, the SPLC is a antiwhite and anti American racist hate group compiled of narcissistic liberal wanna be elite lawyers that promotes hate and racism by labeling Americans as racist without serious proof or bc they disagree with their message and mostly just bc they can, the SPLC has entirely too much influence on ignorant liberals and the reaction to this group eating in a restaurant is proof. This scenario in Boston is a scene from Hitler’s Nazi Germany where the “Proud Boys” who are resisting Marxism are the “Jews” Hitler had rounded up to be tortured and gassed with the liberals being the “brown shirts” who rounded them up….Had this group been any race other than white the liberal goons would have ignored them. This is beyond pathetic and mirrors a society where people aren’t free…like North Korea.

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