BOSTON (CBS) – It’s the end of yet another week of dispiriting news, lowlighted by the racist slur hurled at a distinguished black businesswoman and political activist by alleged comedian Roseanne Barr.

I’ve tried to limit my own exposure to the disgusting outpouring of support for Barr and her comparison of Valerie Jarrett to an ape, but the little I have seen is enough to make you want to avoid the internet forever. So how about a little bit of human kindness to end the week on a high note?

That’s where 8-year-old Maurice Adams Jr. comes in. He was in the car with his mom when they saw an elderly woman struggling to get her walker up some stairs. The little boy asked his mom if he could go help her, and off he went gently helping her up the steps and sharing a hug at the top.

A viral video of a boy helping an elderly woman up the stairs. (WBZ-TV)

Maurice and his mom didn’t know an onlooker was taking video of the encounter, but after he shared it on social media, it spread rapidly. The photographer tracked down the family and presented the boy with a hundred dollar gift of appreciation for his actions.

Why did this video touch a nerve? After all, most of us surely know that these small but meaningful acts of kindness occur every day but rarely make the news. We may know that, but in the face of the daily barrage of stories of violence, dishonesty, meanness and spite, it’s reassuring to see proof that love and decency are still in the mix.

Maurice’s mother says she was touched by her son’s gesture, because it shows that “respect and raising your kids right does a long way.” Amen to that, and to the message that elderly woman gave to maurice before they parted.

She told him he’s special. Amen to that, too.

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  1. I have to assume, Jon, that Samantha Bee’s ugly comment either hasn’t come to your notice or you are ignoring it for a reason.

    And then there are the homophobic and disparaging comments that are being revealed to have come from the sordid mind of Joy Reid…

    And you wonder why people are beginning to see that you are not a straight a shooter as you claim to be.

    All those comments were about as ugly as they get, and the same sort of professional and PR disaster that Rosanne Barr has suffered should be meted out to those uncivilized “media star” with little more talent than they are good a insulting people.

    You in the Fourth Estate have a hand in shaping this world, wouldn’t it be of benefit for you and your colleagues to stop following and publicizing the rants of the self-absorbed who have no intellectual claim to speaking about what society should and should not be like?

    You might retrieve some of the respectability that you have squandered over the past few years.

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