GLEN, N.H. (CBS) – Forget what you may have seen on Facebook, Story Land isn’t going anywhere.

The beloved amusement park in Glen, New Hampshire had to clarify on Friday that it is staying open. Why? Because the Facebook page “New Hampshire News Network,” which labels itself a satirical news source, said that the theme park would be closing down for good in the fall.

The false story got more than 10,000 shares in just a few hours.

“Please do not believe everything you read on the internet,” Story Land wrote. “Story Land is not closing it’s doors for good this fall. There are many more wonderful years ahead!”

Storyland has been visited by thousands of New England families since opening in 1954.

The “satirical” Facebook page caused a similar stir recently by falsely claiming that King Kone in Merrimack would be closing after this summer.

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  1. That’s not even “satire”. Satire is supposed to be amusing, at least. This is just stupid and potentially detrimental to Story Land’s business.

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