By Bill Shields

CANTON (CBS) – Hannah Ryan is graduating from Blue Hills Regional Technical High School next month and she’s already enlisted in the Air Force. All she wants now is to wear her Air Force sash over her cap and gown when she walks across the stage. “I’m proud of where I’m heading, and the school should recognize that,” said Ryan.

militarysash1 transfer Seniors Fight To Wear Military Sashes Over Graduation Gowns

From left to right: John Broderick, Hannah Ryan and Tom Leva. (WBZ-TV)

However, like many high schools, Blue Hills only allows sashes on the shoulders of those whose grades put them on the Honor Roll, so no military sashes.

“It shows my commitment for what I want to do in the future, it’s a very honorable thing, in my opinion, to go into any branch,” said John Broderick, who is entering the Navy.

militarysash2 transfer Seniors Fight To Wear Military Sashes Over Graduation Gowns

John Broderick explaining why he thinks he should be able to wear his Navy sash. (WBZ-TV)

The school has already recognized those seniors that have joined the military, and will accommodate them on graduation night. They issued a statement Thursday, saying, in part, “…students are allowed to wear the previously-awarded military sash under their gown at graduation, and may reveal it after the conferring of diplomas.”

Tom Leva is proud to be going into the Marines. “It’s a commitment you made, and should be recognized for it,” he said.

militarysash3 transfer Seniors Fight To Wear Military Sashes Over Graduation Gowns

Tom Leva’s Marine sash. (WBZ-TV)

“Wearing the sashes to all of us, it’s really representing and celebrating our future and the next step in life,” said Bryan Healy, who has joined the Air Force.

The students are adamant and the school is equally entrenched. Graduation night on June 12 should be interesting.


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