MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (CBS) – “Peace, love, and we’re going to be alright.” That’s how Army veteran Curt Payne will greet you on the streets of Manchester, New Hampshire if you thank him for his volunteering.

Payne, whose nickname is “Major,” was permanently disabled following a near-fatal car crash in 2001. Now, he spends hours every day cleaning up around the Queen City, picking up trash in public parks and along the roadside.

Payne cleaning up parks (WBZ-TV).

“It’s the easiest job I’ve ever done in my life. And it’s the most rewarding,” said Payne.

Payne is also known around Manchester for riding his specialized bike everywhere. Last year, he said, he put over 900 miles on the bike.

But this week, someone cut his lock and stole his sole means of transportation from outside his apartment.

“He doesn’t have a car, that’s his main set of wheels,” said Payne’s friend Parker Diamond.

The stolen bike (WBZ-TV).

But there is good news: thanks to people sharing Payne’s story on social media, strangers have come forward and offered to replace his bike.

Diamond said, “there’s angels following him around.”

Payne is praying someone finds his bike, but if not, he hopes to hear in the next day about the success of this spontaneous campaign to get him a new bicycle.

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