WRENTHAM (CBS) – Police say they have a suspect in their search for the person responsible for abandoning five kittens on the side of Interstate 495.

The 3-to-4 week-old kittens were found in a “steaming hot” carrier by Good Samaritans and turned over to animal control.

The kittens in their carrier (Photo credit: Wrentham/Plainville Animal Control)

“If you are the one who dumped these innocent little kittens on the side of 495, turn yourself in or get the help you obviously and desperately need,” Wrentham police wrote on Facebook Wednesday. “Also. . . if you know who did this, you’re just as guilty if you’re silent. . . someone knows about five little kittens that ‘disappeared.’”

The public appeal appears to have worked.

“Once again, Social Media is helping us do our job,” police said Wednesday afternoon. “After posting the abandoned kittens story this morning, police received information from several people that led us to a suspect.”

The investigation is still active and police haven’t filed charges or released the name of the suspect yet.

Police said the kittens “were facing certain death” if the Good Samaritans had not spotted them. Those commenting on the department’s post were outraged.

“What kind of people could leave those poor helpless animals to die?” one person wrote.

The animals have been dubbed “The 495 5.” They’re now in a foster home, being syringe-fed kitten formula.

Anyone who is interested in adopting the kittens can email kpanimalrescue@gmail.com

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