BOSTON (CBS) – Haunted by memories but surrounded by love, Mark Ransom comes to the Dorchester Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Dorchester with his late cousin on his heart and mind.

“I think I need time to evaluate what it’s doing to me,” Ransom said.

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Ransom served in Vietnam with his first cousin Robert McCarthy, who was killed by a landmine on Veterans Day on November 11, 1968. But for some unknown reason his name was omitted when the memorial was built.

“The fact that his name was omitted bothered me,” Ransom said.

Robert McCarthy died while serving in Vietnam. (WBZ-TV)

Now 32 years later, Ransom proudly reads his cousin’s name, which will be read aloud on Memorial Day alongside the other 76 names on this memorial.

“It’s powerful. I didn’t expect all this,” Ransom said.

Joseph Zinck is president of the memorial committee. He played an important role in making sure McCarthy’s name was added.

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“On the Washington Vietnam Memorial his name is there and he’s listed in the archives there as being a resident of Dorchester,” Ransom said.

Ransom says he first noticed his cousin was missing when he came to visit the memorial five years ago. The family has been fighting ever since to get it added. Now that it’s here, this Memorial Day will be very special to the family.

“I fell like this has taken on a life of its own. It represents 58,000 dead in Vietnam,” Ransom said through tears.

Mark Ransom points to his cousin’s newly added name on the Dorchester Vietnam memorial. (WBZ-TV)

No names have been added since the memorial was constructed back in 1986.

“I am ecstatic his name is read tomorrow. It’s long overdue,” Zinck said.

Ransom says it’s important that all veterans be recognized for the sacrifices made especially those who paid the ultimate one.

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“Tears I’m going to breakdown I know. I am not looking at as just his name, but a lot of names. A lot of people need recognition,” Ransom said.