BOSTON (CBS) — The roads were filled on Thursday evening with people headed to their Memorial Day weekend early.  Bumper to bumper traffic: is it enough to make you change your holiday travel plans?

“I don’t really let the traffic bother me anyway,” said at least one driver at a rest stop on Route 128 in Newton. “I guess at times it does hinder plans but you still kind of just do it. If you want to go somewhere, you got to get there somehow.”

Another man said, ”I don’t mind sitting in traffic. There’s traffic everywhere you go. Every day. No matter what.”

memorialdaytraffic Bumper To Bumper Traffic: Will It Change Your Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

Traffic on Thursday evening before Memorial Day weekend (WBZ-TV)

With the economy growing in recent years and more people working, Thursday has become the new Friday during the summer months. Still, many traffic experts say it will be worse this weekend.

Chelsea Russo from Waze, said, “Looking at some of our data from last year, Waze predicted some of the worst times to drive this Memorial Day weekend. For the Boston area, in particular, Friday, May 25 between 2-4 p.m., Saturday, May 26 between 11 a.m. -1 p.m.”

AAA predicts two-million drivers will hit New England highways this weekend.

Drivers who spoke to WBZ-TV had the same mindset: traffic is inevitable.

“I prefer not to stay in traffic but if you got to get to Grandma’s, you got to get to Grandma’s,” said one woman.


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