BOSTON (CBS) — Jaylen Brown is not afraid to speak his mind. He’s also not afraid to apologize when doing so offends the other party, apparently.

Philadelphia 76ers guard J.J. Redick joined Bill Simmons’ podcast recently to discuss a number of topics, and with this being Simmons’ podcast, the Celtics took up a bulk of the segment. As difficult as it is to listen to Simmons speak — and not just because of his whiny voice — at least there was one interesting tidbit about one of Boston’s rising stars.

Simmons asked Redick about playing against a pest like Marcus Smart, but Redick didn’t have any tales about Smart or his on-court antics. Instead, he shared a little anecdote about Brown cursing at him during a game, and then quickly apologizing.

“When we were in London, Jaylen was guarding me that game and at one point in the second half — I’m going to cuss on your show, sorry — he called me ‘bitch’ and I looked at him and was like, ‘I don’t play that.’ He was like, ‘Oh, oh, OK, I’m sorry,'” said Redick.

What manners from the 21-year-old Brown, respecting his elder like that. You know, aside from the initial b-word. But other than that one instance, Redick said things never got too wild between the Eastern Conference rivals, even during their recent playoff series.

“We played them like 11 times this year and that was my only negative interaction with anyone on their team,” said Redick.

Redick said he’s never had any back and forth with Smart, whom he praised for being a player who goes all-out every play of every game.

“He moves well, laterally, and is fast enough to chase and big enough to contest. And he cares. To me, that’s 90 percent of it, the effort to care and take that responsibility, take pride in being that lock-down guy, sort of the dirty work guy,” he said of Smart. “The thing he killed us on, and it happened twice on me … he is so good on offensive rebounds. As a guard now in our league, you don’t really have to block out their guy, you never really have to account for 1’s and 2’s to crash the offensive glass. He’s great at that. Brad gives him the freedom to just chase down loose balls and it’s one of hardest things about guarding him.”

The Celtics dispatched the 76ers in five games in the Eastern Conference semis, and it sounds like the team has J.J. Redick’s respect.


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